An AVCHD Update

An AVCHD Update


Mark, you may beam articl

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Mark, you may beam articles of this level of usefulness and quality in my direction for as long as you like. References to all sorts of odd places including some excellent publications of Moscow State University convinced me some time ago that updating my entire system to x264 was the way to go and I have worked out a very successful process for so-doing, using 'Virtualdub' to convert 720 x 576 images back to the 1024 x 576 format where they started out, (think widescreen), giving them a judicious level of 'sharpening', then a final upscale to 1280 x 720 in a TMPGEnc software item. Although I am the first to concede that this is not 'High Definition', it still comes across as superior to the original footage in mpg2, which in many cases, itself, was not too bad. The objective is for me to be able to continually update my work to keep pace with new historical and other information which comes-to-hand; also to avail myself of the much kinder 'winter' light, than what we experience in the summer months here in New Zealand, where our exceptionally clear atmosphere makes the daylight the harshest in the world, apparently. In the future there will be a predominance of actual High definition, courtesy of a new camcorder, due any day now, and the whole exercise is meant to assure compatibility in the timeline when editing, although I am forced to concede it's one hell of a lot of work, with a sixteen-second video clip taking roughly twelve minutes to convert, not including the 'Virtualdub' part of it. So, I am happy to have been assured that I am on the right track, even if I still have in excess of 9000 clips still to convert. That is only made possible by the fact that my computer runs '24/7', with a compulsory session each day, to top up the batch-processing queue.

"New editors shouldn't be

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"New editors shouldn't be weary of the format..." seriously?! How many writers and editors missed this one! You just told us that "new editors should be 'tired' of this format." I do believe you wanted to tell us not to be "wary" of this format! Wary vs. weary: "The adjectives weary and wary are completely different in meaning. To be wary is to be on ones guard against something, watchful, or cautious. Given the spelling of wary, its easy to think of it as related to aware, which also denotes attention and watchfulness. These writers use wary correctly: Partygoers should be wary of the legal and health implications of using the ecstasy-like designer drug known as "meow meow despite it not being listed as a controlled drug in Victoria . . . [The Age] But one is cautioned to be wary of what one wishes for. [Sports Fan Live] And weary means physically or mentally fatigued. Its a synonym of tired. These writers use it correctly: For the 39th year, the Minneapolis Boat Show is sparking dreams of summer among Minnesotans weary of winter. [] And though they were weary from their hard work and arduous travels, they were ready to return to their regular service work when they reached New Jersey. [The Times of Trenton]"