How to Create a Stunning Time-Lapse — Even in Changing Light

Time lapse videography: a new way of looking at things


Fixing Flicker and RAW

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If you're using Premiere or other video editor you can use Flicker Free ( to remove the flicker. It was designed with time lapse in mind and works great for it. Just apply it and select the Time Lapse preset. Although, if you have Creative Cloud, After Effects is the better place to do time lapses as you can import the RAW sequence using Adobe Camera Raw. The BIG advantage to Camera Raw, which your article doesn't mention, is that most RAW processors (Adobe Camera Raw, Apple's Raw importer, etc) automatically remove dead pixels. Every camera sensor likely has at least a few dead pixels which show up as red or blue pixels. They're a nightmare for time lapse, especially at night. The ability for Raw processors to remove them is the main reason I always shoot RAW. But they are huge and slow renders down, so I usually import them, remove dead pixels and make the color changes I want then save them out to high quality JPEG sequence. It then renders much, much faster, especially if I have any filters like Flicker Free applied.