Workstation Buyer’s Guide

Shot of a desktop workstation


Very Poor Guide

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This article, "Workstation Buyer’s Guide", is poorly written and poorly researched.
1. No in depth discussion on the CPU. Questions that should be addressed are:
AMD vs Intel and how this is dependent on main software used?
Multi cores vs Processor speed (MHz)
Duel CPUs vs Single CPUs

2. You skim over the huge issue of GPUs (placed under "Bells & Whistles"/Upgraded video card.
Nvidia Vs AMD and why? CUDA vs Open Cl? CUDA cores? Duel GPUs. All of these issues and the subject of GPUs in particular are extremely important. You should at least just bring the issue up so that readers are aware of the import.

3. Drives? SSDs vs HDDs. Raid arrays?

This is an uninformed, lazy and useless article. It does more harm than good really because it obscures the salient points of this discussion (pts #1- #3, to mention a few) but plugs big box companies like Dell (failed/v. poor company, IMO) as the go-to for the intermediate solution.