HP ZBook 17 G2 Review

HP ZBook 17 G2


laptop supporting 'lagacy' tape shooters

I understand legacy with cars - even though I know every performance parameter is compromised I choose to not care that I don't even have fuel-injection - disk brakes
let-alone air bags and every other safety advance ---- but shooting with tape means getting rejected for any job where clients have the right to expect modern camera quality --- a 2016 Sony AX53 consumer handycam for less than 1k kills any of my former pro cameras --- except that they do have much nicer cases that are worth more than the cameras

HP ZB00k i7 G2

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I have researched this product per this review but have been unable to find a model number that matches the test specs for the $1,750 price. Could someone please provide me with this info (model #) so that I might purchase this product.
Thank you.
Mike - silversmith2005@comcast.net


1. No price was mentioned. Research shows it to be near 2k but I don't know if that is set-up as this one was.
2. Windows 7 ?
3. What are the 4k editing performance stats ?
For comparison pricing my 4 year-old Dell i5 Vostro 18" screen cost $900 new and needed $700 more to upgrade with the SSD - 16g - better video card so 2k for a newer faster i7 built for video seems reasonable if that is "As Tested" pricing.