Basic Video Editing

Learn important information about the tools that you’ll need to get started as a video editor, including valuable tips and techniques for creating titles, editing sequences and editing audio.

Editing Tools
An introduction to the hardware required to transfer video from your camcorder to your computer and the software you need to start editing.

Capture and Organize (Free for Non-Members)
This segment introduces the various ways to connect your recording medium to your computer to capture video and how to organize them effectively.

Editing Techniques (Free for Non-Members)
Teaches you how to create compelling scenes, by editing a series of shots together into a seamless sequence.

Editing Audio
Covers tips and techniques for editing the audio portion of your videos - including adjusting natural sound, adding music and mixing narration.

Helps you make good decisions about which transition effects to choose and which to avoid, so that your videos will look more professional.

Titles and Backgrounds
Simple tips and tricks to help you make effective titles for your videos.