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As a community of video/film people I would like to offer that we subscribe to each other's channel on youtube and other sites you list.
This helps promote each other.

This helps to make our material better.
This helps by giving each other positive feedback
This helps by building confidence in ourselves.


If you subscribe to mine I will return the favor.

Please subscribe to this two channels:


Thank you!


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Great idea, Luke! I'll go ahead and throw Videomaker's channel out there.

Mike Wilhelm

Videomaker's Editor-in-Chief

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Great idea! Simple but effective.





(links to my YouTube channel)

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Hi do subscribe to our channel! It's new and we are aiming for our first 500 subscribers to get our custom URL! :D


Here is our channel link :


Please helpppp :D We will subscribe back to whoever subscribe to us! Many thanks in advance! Have a great day everyone!



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Hello. For anyone who likes a different sound check out my channel. I have posted songs I have written when I was angry, sad and depressed, so whenever you feel like that you can listen to my music and tell me what you think. Or whenever you want to listen of course!
Here’s a link:

I am in for the sub for sub, don’t you think I forgot. Just tell me and we will arrange it.

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Hello guys sub for sub lets support each other !!

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please subscribe my channel for funny videos. i will subscribe your's: