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Hi everyone,
Not sure if we are allowed to post links to items we have for sale or not? I couldn't find any rules. If this isn't ok I'm sorry and I can delete it.

We were just robbed almost all of our video equipment. $5k worth of stuff. It stinks, but we are making the best of it by trying to sell a few of the things that they didn't get so we can afford to get more cameras. Thought I'd post the link here to see if there is anyone looking for these items.

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I have some cheesy cameraslike the Brinno Garden Cam and several Wildview Game/Trail cameras. They produce some interesting footage for me that I'd like to be able to use.

The Wildviews are .avi files, usually around 50MB or less, 640x480, 29 frames per second, data rate of 1853 kbps, total bitrate of 2206 kbps.

The Brinno records time lapse (one picture at a time) and makes an .avi file out of it. They range from 5 to 20 MB each. Windows doesn't show any specs beyond that for those files.

Both files play fine in Windows Media Player.

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