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I'm looking for a little input and advice on gear options on a £20k budget for a new setup I'm building for our company.

We used to shoot w/ a Canon c300 mark 2, but ended up downgrading after a year because our company wasn't shooting so much video at the time. Now, we are ramping things up again, and are currently on the GH4. We are introducing a new videographer so will need new equipment, but generally we are wanting to do a full overhaul on our gear and upgrade things.

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I'm curious what the recommendations would be for new camera buys right now with these requirements in mind:
1. under a grand would be nice.
2. Great auto controls (manual is great for artistic shots but what I do I don't have time to monkey with settings usually.)
3. great in high & low light situations, I shoot indoors and out.

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