Phase Detection Hybrid AF (Sponsored)

Phase detection Hybrid AF


Phase Detection Hybrid AF

Dows it really work for Videoing Model Airplanes aginst a clear blue sky   I dought it.   A parfocal lens zoomed to infinaty and focused in manul works perfect. I can zoom from infinity to about 20 feet and every thing is clear and sharp  






Auto focus and a touch screan on a cam corder

Who U trying to kid   that guy can't even see the screen with the sun shining on it Much use the touch screen to focus.

I have made a rig that uses a TARION TR-V2 Universal LCD Display View Finder Viewfinder for $59  Works great I can see the screen.   For Shooting I also included a Gun Dot Site to aquire the plane. If the red dot is on the nose I know the plane is properly framed with out even looking in the View Finder.