Canon’s 120MP Sensor Demolishes 8K Video

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Very Impressive

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 It is hard not to he blown away with admiration for such an achievement; but for most of humanity it will have little relevance until such times as it is able to be piped into our living-rooms at prices we can afford. In many parts of the world, mankind has failed to advance beyond standard definition, (or perhaps 720p for the more fortunate), due to bandwidth and other considerations, and the relevance of  formats from 4K upwards is almost certain to be lost upon those for whom they are merely acquisition formats, which might as well exist on another planet. Here in New Zealand, we may count ourselves amongst the more fortunate in that we have a fair proportion of our terrestrial and satellite in HD, albeit, much of it heavily compressed. I am afraid we still have a long way to go in getting image quality out of the labs and where it ought to be, in front of those who matter, (ie the people).